David Verbeeten

Domain Expert (Insurance)

David Verbeeten is the domain expert in insurance at ConsenSys, a global blockchain venture studio, where he works with a team to create decentralized applications for insurance products and services on the Ethereum network. He was formerly a casualty treaty underwriter at Munich Reinsurance. He is based in Toronto and is a Chartered Insurance Professional by the Insurance Institute of Canada. He holds a PhD in political history from the University of Cambridge.

As part of his mandate, Dr. Verbeeten engages in public education about blockchains for interested members of the financial industry. His sessions assume no knowledge of the new technology among participants. His presentation begins with a discussion of the core concepts behind blockchains, including double-spending, distributed ledgers, and ownership by communal consensus. He provides an overview of some basic technical aspects, especially private and public keys. He lays out the ways in which blockchains can be extended beyond simple currency transactions to encompass many complex financial contracts. Generic use cases are described, followed by implementations that are more specific to the insurance industry. Dr. Verbeeten’s sessions involve group exercises, including a demonstration of a cryptocurrency transaction, using ‘wallets’ on smartphones.