Chris Crummey

Executive Director
X-Force Command
IBM Security

This is Christopher’s 28th year at IBM and he is the Global Executive Director of IBM Security X-Force Command. He has led thousands of some of the most mature customers in the world thru cybersecurity, leadership and crisis framework best practices. The X-Force® Command designs world class immersive experiences for customers to prepare for “their worst day” in simulation centers around the world. Christopher has been asked to consult customers in realworld cybersecurity situations and sharing that insight has turned him into one of the most requested IBM keynote speakers.

Leveraging Executive Briefing Centers, Cyber Range and the Cyber Tactical Operations Center (C-TOC), the IBM X-Force Command faculty immerse customers in a fully gamified cyber incident experience. While experiencing a real cyber security incident, customers get educated on world class best practices for cybersecurity and the physical, emotional and psychological impact of a crisis.

Christopher also leads a team of Executive Security Evangelists who are subject matter experts in a diverse set of disciplines within cybersecurity including financial crime, criminal underground networks and malware. The team also includes security development experts who provide technical insights regarding product integration, mobility, cognitive and cloud-based security solutions.